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Bioenergy Europe endorses BIOEAST Stakeholder Manifesto on Sustainable Supply Chains and local processing of Bioresources

Bioenergy Europe endorses BIOEAST Stakeholder Manifesto on Sustainable Supply Chains and local processing of Bioresources

Last week, Bioenergy Europe signed BIOEAST Stakeholders Manifesto on “Sustainable supply chains and strengthened local processing of bioresources in Central and Eastern Europe”. Recognizing the macro-region’s valuable natural assets, such as fertile soils, freshwater resources and renewable biomass, the Manifesto stresses the need for enhancing local knowledge on environmentally friendly technologies. 


It emphasizes the importance of involving stakeholders from the CEE macro-region in the deployment of research, innovation, and sustainable solutions to achieve Europe’s transition towards a circular and sustainable future. Therefore, it calls for increased public investment in joint research and innovation partnership to unlock the region’s potential, aiming to produce renewable biological resources and convert them sustainably into value-added products. The Manifesto urges decision-makers to prioritize the nexus of soil, freshwater, food systems, and biomanufacturing to shape a sustainable future for the macro-region.


The message is clear: Europe’s journey toward a sustainable and circular future on healthy soils, freshwater, food system security and modern biomanufacturing demands collective effort.


Bioenergy Europe fully supports this message and highlights the following calls that are essential for the local valorisation of biomass:


  1. Facilitate the development of expertise in the bio-based sectors through promoting higher education and skills development with an interdisciplinary approach.
  2. Stimulate research activities in countries and regions with underdeveloped R&I capacities towards improving the environmental performance of bio-based processes and the development of high-value bio-based products.
  3. Increase the awareness and acceptance of bio-based solutions among biomass owners, industry actors, policy makers, and research support agencies.
  4. Protect and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services while ensuring the sustainable supply of high-quality bio-based feedstocks.
  5. Develop local infrastructure for biomass collection, post-harvest management, and processing, with a particular focus on small- and intermediate-scale biorefineries.


The time to act is now. Sign the manifesto and join us in shaping a brighter, greener future for all. Sign the BIOEAST Manifesto below.