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EU buildings directive will push for more sustainable and efficient heating

EU buildings directive will push for more sustainable and efficient heating

On 12 April, the Council of the European Union adopted the overhaul of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This new version of the legislation will promote renovation and encourage the replacement of old inefficient fossil fuels boilers with on-site renewables, including biomass. 


Bioenergy Europe considers the new EPBD is a good step forward in phasing out fossil fuels from the European heating and cooling sector, which represents almost half of the EU’s energy consumption.  


Simultaneously with the green energy transition, the EU also needs to incentivise domestic energy production to increase its energy security and mitigate climate change. Bioenergy is an effective and versatile renewable solution that can help achieve both goals and is already responsible for 85% of the EU’s renewable heat. However, the heating sector remains dominated by fossil fuels.  


The implementation of the directive is on the horizon. To accelerate the green energy transition and increase energy security, Bioenergy Europe calls for EU Member States to: 


  • Provide funding to substitute fossil fuels heating appliances, 
  • Include the modernisation of biomass heating systems in their national building renovation plans, 
  • And propose a plan for strategic biomass hubs. 


Find out more in 3 Steps Towards the Energy Transition: Bioenergy Europe’s Manifesto for the 2024 European Elections