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Bioenergy Europe Board meets in Rovaniemi, Finland

Bioenergy Europe Board meets in Rovaniemi, Finland

On 18 April, the Board of Directors, General Assembly and Secretariat of Bioenergy Europe met in a hybrid event in Rovaniemi, Finland. During the meeting, the Bioenergy Europe Board brainstormed on key issues for the sector’s future:


  1. How does bioenergy complement the electrification of the EU’s energy system?
  2. What role could biomass play in reducing the cost of the energy transition for national and local authorities?
  3. Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS): What is its potential, and what are the barriers to unleashing it?


On 19 April the participants visited Neve Oy’s Suosiola combined heat and power (CHP) plant. The plant currently uses local Lappish fuels, such as wood chips and, to a minor extent, peat. The resulting ash from the plant’s operation is used to produce organic forest fertilizers or raw materials from earthworks.  

The introduction of the flue gas scrubber in 2014 significantly increased the plant’s efficiency to almost 100%.  Today most of the energy is recovered. In addition to energy recovery, the scrubber also significantly reduces particulate emissions.


By making use of locally sourced waste and renewable fuels to produce renewable energy, the installation is a perfect example of circular economy. Renewable local heat is verified with a guarantee of origin, which serves as proof to the end user that renewable energy sources have been confirmed as the origin of Renewable Local Heat.  


Neve Oy is a diversified group owned by the City of Rovaniemi. The company’s services include electricity transmission, water services, production of district heating and its services, infrastructure services, fiber optic network construction and services, digital services and circular economy products.