About the Working Group

The Working Group Agro-biomass was established in March 2017 to promote specific types of biomass feedstocks such as solid vegetal residue streams from agriculture and dedicated perennial lignocellulosic crops. Both result in abundant feedstock sources that are – to this day – largely underutilised. The Working Group aims to support the development of this sector and bring together stakeholders of the industry to discuss the latest market trends, while providing state-of-the-art information on technical innovations, from new varieties of energy crops, through biomass conversion technologies to innovative business models.

Key topics

  • Latest market trends
  • Successful business cases
  • Technical innovations on agro-biomass combustion
  • Policy updates and opportunities for agro-biomass
  • Next Working Group?

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  • Meet the coordinator

    The Working Group Agro-biomass is open to all Bioenergy Europe members and coordinated by Manolis Karampinis.

    +32 2 318 41 00

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