The Croatian Municipality of Pokupsko won the 2016 EUSEW award thanks to its biomass heating plant !

The Croatian Municipality of Pokupsko, one of BioRES’ priority location*, has won the 2016 EUSEW award for the most innovative and outstanding energy projects in the category Public Sector. The prestigious prize was presented by Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, during an official ceremony in Bruxelles on 14 June 2016.

The award was received by Mr. Božidar Škrinjarić, Municipality of Pokupsko Mayor, and Mr. Julije Domac, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency managing director for a line of achievements in the area of sustainable energy transformation over the course of the past 8 years:

  • Construction of the communal biomass heating plant (first in Croatia!)
  • Reconstruction of street lighting
  • Heat pump instalment in Pokupsko kindergarten
  • Heat pump instalment in District elementary school Hotnja
  • Installation of photovoltaic system on the municipal administrative building
  • Energy retrofitting of municipal administrative building
  • Education and awareness raising activities

All projects have a positive socio-economic impact and are aimed at improving the quality of life for the local population. Noteworthy is that all projects have been accomplished in close partnership between the Municipality of Pokupsko and North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency and show that a small local government of 2.500 inhabitants with a limited budget can implement sustainable solutions.

*BioRES aims at introducing the innovative concept of Biomass Logistic and Trade Centres (BLTCs) in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria based on international cooperation with European technology leaders and AEBIOM. The BLTCs as regional hubs will help increasing local supply and demand for woody bioenergy products.