Press Release on Biomass – “an economic asset for people and business”

Highlighting the essential role of biomass in tackling energy poverty and improving economic competitiveness

Yesterday, the European Biomass Association held the “Biomass- an economic asset for business and people” workshop which gathered a hundred participants. In the light of the Energy Union discussions taking place at the moment, the workshop was dedicated to the positive role of biomass in tackling energy poverty and strengthening EU economic competitiveness.

Relevant speakers came with concrete examples which highlighted the fact that biomass provides an affordable energy solution to households and can also contribute to lowering energy costs of the industry.


The energy share in annual household expenditure represents about 7,3% of the total. This is about 36% more than the annual household expenses on health and education combined! Moreover, about 75% of the overall household energy expenses go to heat, while the rest goes for electricity. Biomass is a solution to reduce these costs both for individual heating and for district heating systems.

As presented in the workshop and displayed in the illustration below, the upfront investment in a pellet stove can be recovered in less than 4 years. Afterwards, the family will start saving almost 400 €/year by partly replacing the purchase of oil with pellets.


Bioenergy markets are creating opportunities for companies to invest in costeffective and local sources of energy, while benefiting from the recognition of being embedded in the green economy. The workshop focused on concrete examples and best practices of different actors, representing businesses, who switched from fossil fuels to biomass.

“We consider biomass as THE energy dependence fuel! Kaunas Energy expects that biomass counts for 70% of their total energy mix. At the moment, among 60 district heating installations in Lithuania, around 40 have already switched to biomass”, Valdas Lukoševičius, Chairman of the Board, Kaunas Energy.

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