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Fédération interprofesionnelle belge du bois énergie

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Fédération interprofesionnelle belge du bois énergie


Street Address: Chaussée de Namur 47
City: Gembloux
Postal / Zip Code: 5030
Country: Belgium




Bioenergy Europe Associated Member


Advocacy (Association)




(0032) 477600057



Created in 2016 by a core of well known wood energy companies, FEBHEL aims to structure and stimulate the economic development of the wood energy sector on a local scale and according to a virtuous model. To achieve this goal, FEBHEL is carrying out specific activities as:
- Representation, promotion and defence of the wood energy sector with political and decisional institutions;
- Development of local markets linked with wood energy sector;
- Development/improvement of good practice with stakeholders;
- collection of statistics (monitoring).
Member of FEBHEL are mainly private companies with commercial activity in the wood energy sector on the Belgian territory: fuel wood (pellets, chips, logs) producer / trader / distributor, wood energy technology producer/seller, service provider in wood energy sector (engineering, design, logistic…).

Why did you join AEBIOM?

AEBIOM offers to its member a large network to discuss and work concretely on important topics that could improve the development of bioenergy markets at EU but also national level. This network is also important to represent the interests of bioenergy sector at EU level, and to stay informed about bioenergy opportunities or threats.