Euro Energies

Full Name in the national language:

Alexandre Portier

Company / Organization:

Euro Energies


Street Address: CS 70018
City: Saint-Symphorien
Postal / Zip Code: 79270
Country: France




Bioenergy Europe Associated Member


Biomass Trader



Member Since:

17 April, 2018


Alexandre Portier


Mathieu Favreau

RAF (Finance)



Euro Energies is a French Producer of wood logs and also distributes other wood fuels and especially wood pellets. In 2017 we delivered about 200 000 tons of these different fuels to our home market.
The company was founded in 2007 with the objective of supplying quality wood fuels to professionals and end users, for a beginning on the French market, with a progressive extension to other European countries.
Euro Energies is part of the Poujoulat Group which is mainly known as the European market leader for stainless steel chimneys and industrial chimneys in welded technology.

Why did you join AEBIOM?

Heating with biomass fuels is recognised everywhere on the continent as being an important factor of success in the commitments made by the EU in terms of renewable energies and emissions of Greenhouse gases.
However a lot of information and education is still needed for all types of actors. This is where AEBIOM is successfully active since it exists. We decided to join the organisation in order to contribute to its action and work together with associations and companies with which we share this common goal.