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Street Address: Enviva
Street Address Line 2: 7200 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1000
City: Bethesda
State / Province: MD
Postal / Zip Code: 20814
Country: United States



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Bioenergy Europe Associated Member

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Bioenergy Producer, Biomass Producer, Biomass Trader

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+1 301-657-5560



Enviva was founded in 2004 with a clear purpose in mind: We wanted to develop a cleaner energy alternative to fossil fuels. In particular, we wanted to offer electric utilities a fuel to replace coal, enabling them to generate power without interruption while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

More than a decade later, Enviva has become the world’s largest producer of wood pellets – a small and seemingly ordinary product that is addressing these big challenges and delivering real results.

Enviva owns and operates seven plants strategically located in the southeastern United States that produce over 3 million metric tons of wood pellets annually. We export our pellets primarily to power plants in the United Kingdom and Europe that previously were fueled by coal, enabling them to reduce their lifetime carbon footprint by about 80%. We make our pellets using sustainable practices that protect Southern forests. And we employ about 700 people and support many other businesses in the rural South, where jobs and economic opportunity are sometimes scarce.

At Enviva, our job is more than making pellets. We work for lower emissions, healthy forests and strong communities.

Why did you join AEBIOM?

AEBIOM is the leading trade association of the biomass industry in Europe. As a major supplier to the EU market, membership of AEBIOM is essential to Enviva.