Drax Power
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Drax Group Plc

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Drax Group Plc


Street Address: Drax Power Station
City: Selby
State / Province: N Yorkshire
Postal / Zip Code: YO88PH
Country: United Kingdom



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Bioenergy Europe Associated Member

Sector of Activity

Energy Producer, Wood-based Industry

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+44(0)1757 618381



Drax Group plc is helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future.

We are responsible for generating 7% of the UK’s electricity.

Having successfully upgraded the UK’s biggest power station through innovative engineering, we are now a predominantly biomass-fuelled generator.

We self-supply 15% of the pellets we use from our US operations.

Today we are one of the UK’s largest energy producers and we stand ready to do more, helping to reduce carbon emissions, forcing more coal off the system and providing additional system support to plug the gaps created by intermittent renewables and boost security of supply.

Why did you join AEBIOM?

AEBIOM is an important advocate for biomass in Europe.