Den Ouden Greenrecycling B.V.
Den Ouden Greenrecycling

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Den Ouden Greenrecycling B.V.

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Den Ouden Greenrecycling B.V.


Postbus 12 Schijndel Brabant 5480 AA Netherlands



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Bioenergy Europe Associated Member

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(073) 5431000


We are an international, service-oriented family business with approximately 180 employees. Traditional values are linked to modern management. Den Ouden Groep is active in several branches, such as civil and agricultural engineering, concrete surfaces, soil remediation, archaeology and UXO clearance (Bodac) as well as the manufacture and distribution of organic fertilisers around the world. We offer a wide variety of products and services that all have something to do with soil and nature. Den Ouden Groep can shape the environment to your specific needs. Naturally, we can also advise you on the possibilities in your area. We offer a complete package when it comes to soil remediation, bio fuels and construction projects. Worldwide unburden in soil improvers, Soil Fertilizer, Soil Protection and Inner-city redevelopment, Concrete Construction & Biofuels.

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