CMI Group

Full Name in the national language:

Cockerill Maintenance et Ingénierie SA (CMI Group)

Company / Organization:

Cockerill Maintenance et Ingénierie SA (CMI)


Avenue Greiner 1 4100 Seraing - Belgium



Member Type

Bioenergy Europe Associated Member, IBTC Member

Sector of Activity

Bioenergy Producer, Biomass Producer, Service Provider

Base Country



+32 4 330 2444


CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie) is an international technology and service provider, specialized in Energy, Defence, Metals, Environment and Industry in general. A technology driven company, it also provides industrial services. CMI's motto is to generate a sustainable progress, based on two centuries of industrial experience, to the benefit of all its stakeholders. This means, i.e, focusing on safety, offering attractive jobs and careers in engineering, maintenance or project management, encouraging the production of sustainable energy and reducing the environmental footprint of industrial processes.