Center for renewable energy sources (CRES)
Center for renewable energy sources (CRES)

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Kentro Ananeosimon Pigon Kai Exoikonomisis Energeias

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Center for renewable energy sources


19th km Marathonos Avenue Pikermi, 19009 Greece




Bioenergy Europe Associated Member


Consultancy, Renewable Energy, Research





CRES is the Greek centre for Renewable Energy Create your own automated PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor 3 Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). The Biomass Department (BD) of CRES, during the last three decades required outstanding experience on biomass and bioenergy. Research activities are concentrated on: - evaluation of biomass resources, availability and energy content; - non-food crops production for both energy production and industrial use; - new non-food crops better adapted to soil and water stress conditions; - techno-economic appraisal of implementing biomass (energy crops, agricultural/forest residues and processing wastes) in energy markets. Activities supporting the market are concentrated on: - techno-economic assessment of biomass potential and availability for bioenergy, biogas, biofuels - transfer of existing know-how for new and alternative non-food crops for the production of raw material for heating/ power generation and biofuels production. - development of networks for biomass handling and support for the creation of biomass logistics and trade centres - dissemination and implementation of technical specifications and related standards of biomass properties

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WE want to join the Bioenergy Europe's network for experience and knowledge transfer, communication and dissemination of our R&I results and lessons learnt, networking with SMEs and industrial stakeholders, exploitation of research results and lobbying for bioenergy support and deployment.