Biopale Engineering

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Biopale Engineering

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Biopale Engineering


Street Address : 66 rue Léon Pinart
Street Address Line 2 : BP45
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Postal / Zip Code : 62250
Country : France




Bioenergy Europe Associated Member


Boiler Manufacturer




(0033) 321872145


SARETCO-BIOPALE company near Calais in France is direct manufacturer of grate bars and conduct maintenance on all types of furnace for all makes of biomass boiler.
We offer more than 500 tons of stock comprising 4500 different items.
Our corporate mission is to optimise combustion via grating
by creating new technical fixes for significant energy losses, and by minimising the need for maintenance that requires boiler shutdowns, and the associated costs for your company. We have created our own grate in the renewable energy sector of household and wood waste, allowing us to deliver technical solutions that raise performance and limit maintenance challenges. More than five years after installation, our grids continue to operate maintenance-free in 26 boilers across Europe, with capacities ranging upto 150 MW.
Specialists in optimising combustion.
Our expertise and know-how in combustion enables us to consider several perspectives at once, such as engineering, technical, mechanical and metallurgical aspects.
We manage 3 foundry production sites, and a team of 15 engineers and 3 maintenance crews.
We also offer custom services. Starting from a prototype, our engineers can produce a design and then, by means of spectrometry, assess the alloy.
Our engineers achieve this by an on-site inspection and comprehensive assessment of your grate bars.
We are active in 22 countries around the world and maintain a world-leading position in the field of spare part provision for incinerator combustion grates.
We have our own grate with our in-house "SAR3" brand. On our SARETCO France website, you can view the references and different part types that we produce.
We are standing by to send you a brochure and fee relevant to your needs,
for which we require only the brand and rating of your boiler.

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