Biomass association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Biomass association of Bosnia and

Full Name in the national language:

Udruženje Biomasa u Bosni i Hercegovini

Company / Organization:

Biomass association of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Street Address: Avde Hume 9,
City: Sarajevo
Postal / Zip Code: 10000
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bioenergy Europe Full Member

Sector of Activity

Advocacy (Association)

Base Country

Bosnia and Herzegovina


(+38733) 613358


Association of Biomass in Bosnia and Herzegovina formed in mid-2012 with headquarters in Sarajevo. The association aims to gather all interest groups from the bioenergy sector in BiH to improve representation of the interests of this sector and to monitor trends in legislation, technology and bioenergy marketing.
With our work, Bosnia and Herzegovina has come closer to world trends in the use of renewable energy sources particulate Bioenergy. The aim of the association is to harmonize the sector, remove and prevent any administrative and market barriers, help and promote producers and all stakeholders in the Bioenergy sector.
The association presently works on projects such as the "Bioenergy Map in Bosnia and Herzegovina" that everyone interested had accurate online information about Bioenergy as location, type, key plant data, quantity, quality, availability, prices and other information.


Key activities of Association
1. Guidance and driving force for Bioenergy Business Entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Organization of congresses, conferences, seminars and other forms of technical education;
3. Encourage action to promote investments in CHPs and Bioenergy
4. Promotion for pellet producers, stove and boiler producers
5. Encourage of using pellet for public, domestic and industrial facilities
6. Encourage of environment protection, renewable energy , forests biodiversity conservation
7. Monitoring supply and demand in the domestic and foreign markets biomass and equipment for processing and use of biomass
8. Help, support, development and implementation of projects and programs for Bioenergy
9. Commitment to socially and environmentally acceptable efficient use of energy and resources with a focus on bioenergy;
10. Encourage the establishment and improvement of legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field related to Bioenergy
11. Coordinate, Implementation and harmonization of national and international standards
12. Key role in Bioenergy certification, auditing and coordination

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Biomass and Bioenergy is ours today and ours tomorrow let it grow