Four Italian associations representing the bioenergy sector at large co-signed a manifesto calling the Government for concrete and immediate actions to ensure that adequate support measures for bioenergy are maintained and reinforced in the coming years. Bioenergy Europe welcomes this joint initiative led by four of its members and wishes to highlight the importance of coherent RES support measures at national and EU level to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050.

The Italian Association of Agroforestry Energy (AIEL), Italian Association of Solid Biomass Energy Producers (EBS), Elettricità Futura (the leading association representing the Italian electricity industry) and the Italian Federation of Energy Producers from Renewable Sources (FIPER) represents the different voices and interests of the bioenergy sector in Italy among which manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. A value-chain that fully embodies the concept of circular economy, actively contributes toward a sustainable and environment-friendly model, and provides a source of economic growth and job creation - in particular in rural and marginal areas.

This joint manifesto reflects the concerns over a lack of long-term perspective. With the approaching carbon-neutrality targets, it is key to increase the penetration of renewables in the energy mix in Italy and in the EU.

Bioenergy represents a viable and sustainable source of energy, providing balance to the electricity grid, and allowing a phasing out to fossil fuels dependency. In addition, without the full deployment of biomass technology, the countries’ ability to reach EU and national climate targets are in serious jeopardy.

The four associations warn that the bioenergy industry needs a supportive legislative framework to avoid severe repercussions within the sector.  In order for Italy and Europe to deliver on the energy transition it is of primary importance to:

Immediately address these uncertainties so that the country might maintain its generation capacity and promote the development of new biomass-based ones such as small- and medium-size plants (in particular off-grid). The replacement and modernization of obsolete appliances with new one can contribute to decisively improve air quality and efficiency.

The COVID19 pandemic accentuated some pre-existing challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly economic model in the country. In this recovery phase, Italy needs a coherent and immediate message to preserve, consolidate, and relaunch a well-established value-chain that contributes to the countries’ environmental objectives and is a fundamental driver of socio-economic development.

The full manifesto and Press release in the original language can be downloaded below.

  • Press Release (IT)
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  • Full Manifesto (IT)
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