Open letter from cross-sectorial coalition of stakeholders to Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans

To: Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans
Cc: Commissioner Kadri Simson
Director-General Mauro Petriccione
Director-General Ditte Juul Jørgensen
Secretary-General Ilze Juhansone


Brussels, 27 February 2020

Dear Vice-President Timmermans,

The European Green Deal (EGD) is a particularly positive beginning for the new European Commission. We welcome the Commission pledge to address the climate crisis and, by doing so, shape the future of Europe’s economy and society and lead by example worldwide.
As a part of the EGD, a climate law is currently being drafted and is expected to enshrine the pathway to climate neutrality by 2050 in the EU legislation. We are concerned that this proposal could be lacking ambition, which would in turn jeopardise its significance and effectiveness.
We believe that the climate law should orient the action of the EU towards what is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reduce emissions: the swift implementation of the Energy Efficiency First principle, which is a prerequisite for the much needed deployment of a 100% renewable-based energy supply. This will boost the European economy by creating new opportunities and jobs and reduce our dependence on energy imports.

As such, we recommend to:

  • Recognize Energy Efficiency First as an overarching principle of the EU Climate Law governance.
  • Include an intermediate GHG emissions reduction target of at least 55% by 2030.
  • Mainstream policy coherence with increased and mandatory energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon emissions targets.

We ask you to consider these recommendations and bring forward a climate law proposal which will recognise the role of energy efficiency as a potent and critical catalyst to the massive scale-up of renewables in a resource-constrained planet.

We look forward to cooperating with you to make Europe the first climate neutral continent.

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