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14 - 15 November 2023

Euroheat & Power Summit 2023

The European District Heating and Cooling sector is ready to accelerate the transition towards renewable and clean heat sources, phasing out fossil heating in buildings and in industries. The Fitfor55' package has established clear, ambitious targets for efficient DHC: by 2050, 100% of the sector's energy supply will come from renewable and carbon-neutral heating sources. The Euroheat & Power Summit comes at a crucial time, as Member States now must translate this vision into action.

At the dawn of a new European political mandate, the event will also shed light on the key pillars of a successful, and ambitious European heating & cooling decarbonisation action plan.

Make sure you don't miss:
• The release of Euroheat & Power's policy blueprint for efficient and sustainable District heating and cooling.
• The exclusive presentation of a joint study in collaboration with Aalborg University with a spotlight on accelerating the heat transition by 2030.
• The Global District Energy Climate Awards Ceremony, rewarding the most innovative state-of-the-art district heating & cooling projects worldwide.

Bioenergy Europe’s members benefit from a 10% discount with a special code. 

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