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31 May 2023 | 15:00 To 16:30

Task Force Communications

A new Task Force is being established to facilitate better coordination across communications-focused projects for all Members – both companies and associations. This TF Comms will meet every 1,5 months; it will be separate from the TF National Advocacy. The latter is policy-focused, and this new TF Comms will centre around common communications-related projects and campaigns. We encourage all relevant Communications colleagues to join the kick off meeting taking place on 31 May, online at 15:00-16:30 CEST.


 Objectives & Structure

The objective of the Task Force is for the Members and Secretariat to work jointly in improving the image of the bioenergy sector. This will be done by coordinating among various communication activities already carried out by different Members, and by having a concrete joint communication initiative: a communication campaign that will be outsourced to a consultancy.

The Task Force will gather communications representatives from Bioenergy Europe’s Members, both associations and companies. No chairperson is foreseen at the moment. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary duplication in areas of common interest, and to take advantage of existing synergies in order to amplify the effects of communications – and change the perception of the sector towards a more positive one.


Please note that the working groups are for Bioenergy Europe Members, however, observers are welcome at the discretion of Bioenergy Europe. If you wish to participate as an observer please contact the Bioenergy Europe team.

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