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20 - 21 June 2022

7th Pellet Forum

The entire industry in one place!

What do we offer?

+ the most important pellet conference in Poland
+ meeting with Polish and European pellet producers
+ networking opportunities for pellet actors along the value chain

What is all about?
Pellets in crisis? The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the supply chain throughout Europe over the last several months, and the war in Ukraine forces domestic pellet producers to adapt to the new reality. How is the European pellet market changing? Where to get the raw material? How to optimize the production process?

  • Pellet in the EU strategy "Fit for 55"
  • The current situation of the pellet industry in Europe
  • Changing the company's business model
  • Technologies and cost optimization of pellet production
  • Forum of Leaders - debate with the participation of the largest pellet producers
  • How to start producing pellets? Industry workshops

For whom:
During the 6 editions so far, about 950 guests from Poland and Europe participated in the Pellet Forum. Among them:

  • pellet producers and distributors,
  • producers and distributors of boilers and pellet stoves,
  • wood companies interested in the production of pellets,
  • representatives of the energy and heating sectors,
  • suppliers of technologies and solutions for pellet factories,
  • representatives of local governments and government administration
  • certification companies
  • financial institutions
  • industry associations

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Our Networks

  • Represents the interests of the wood pellect sector to ensure its sustainable developement.

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Our Certification Schemes

  • The world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for wood pellets. From production to delivery, ENplus® guarantees quality and combat fraud along the entire supply chain.

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  • enSURE Compliance with RED II Sustainability Requirements for the Production of Electricity, Heating and Cooling from Biomass.

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