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30 - 31 March 2022

Bio360 Expo 2022

The world is hotting up - It’s urgent we accelerate the biotransition

We all know time is running out to respond to a world that is getting dangerously hotter.

To ensure that we leave a habitable world for future generations, it is imperative in our fight against climate change that we accelerate the deployment of viable solutions, such as those embodied in the bioeconomy and bioenergy.

This means solutions designed to decarbonise energy production, transport, industry, produce renewable materials for chemicals, packaging, consumer products, the list goes on.

In short, accelerating the transition to the bioeconomy, in place of our historical fossil model, is what we need to face up to and do. Right now.


Bio360 Expo Exhibition

 Set within the broader context, Bio360 Expo seeks, by delivering a “must” meeting point for all interested stakeholders engaged in accelerating the biotransition, to play its own part in realizing the ambition of the European Green Deal.

The European Commission has published a factsheet* highlighting the importance of Europe's bioeconomy to achieving the EU Green Deal.

 « The bioeconomy, as a catalyst for systemic change, tackles the economic, social and environmental aspects of the Green Deal, seeking new ways of producing and consuming resources while respecting our planetary boundaries and moving away from a linear economy based on extensive use of fossil and mineral resources.

A circular and sustainable bioeconomy has the potential to contribute to all dimensions and objectives of the European Green Deal by:

  • Delivering on Europe’s economic prosperity and ensuring a fair and just transition.
  • Producing fossil-free materials for a climate-neutral future.
  • Enhancing the protection of the environment and ecosystems. »

 Source: the European Bioeconomy Alliance.


Bio360 Expo 2022

Bio360 Expo is a an internationally reputed reference event for the sector which brings together and showcases over two-days, diverse and complementary biomass value streams that are making an important contribution already today to displacing fossil fuels from our day to day lives.


What is it about?

The event comprises a comprehensive international conference programme with simultaneous translation, study tours, the innovation competition, and more besides. Full programme details can be found on the website in the run-up to the event.

In a nutshell:

  • Key numbers anticipated for 2022: 8000 participants, 500 exhibitors, 40 countries, 100 international speakers.
  • 4 bilingual conference rooms with simultaneous translation
  • a panel of global expert speakers
  • a rich programme covering a diverse range of topical subjects
  • unfettered access to 500 exhibitors from across the planet showcasing some of the world’s most innovative, dedicated and promising solution providers
  • the opportunity to engage with some of the leading thinkers and influencers from across the bioeconomy and bioenergy sectors
  • industrial sites visits in and around the local area
  • the innovations of the moment unveiled at the prize giving ceremony of the innovation competition
  • hybrid options for those unable to attend in person


Where is it going?

Thematically the event broadens its horizons each year to both anticipate and keep pace with this fast-evolving sector.

This too is part of the role of Bio360 Expo, to be open to new ideas and “out of the box” thinking but simultaneously to be a platform that enables proper evaluation and questioning in order to make sage choices for our age … and more to the point, for those still to come.

 Whilst progress is being made today in terms of technical innovation, policy scope and ambition, financing mechanisms, regional support, capacity building etc. in favour of advancing the bioeconomy and bioenergy, in parallel, Bio360 Expo also keeps a close eye on evolving trends, possible future constellations and market configurations and to put them up for scrutiny and constructive examination in order that we make the right future directional choices.

With global warming and climate change baring down upon us, time is not on our side and the permissible ratio of “trial-and-error” is very limited.

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