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09 December 2020 | 11:00 To 12:30

WBA: Webinar Series – Agricultural Residues

Agriculture residues are one of the most abundantly available resource worldwide as millions of tons of husk, straw etc. are produced globally which are either left to rot or burned on the fields. 

Efficient utilization of these residues to produce heat, electricity and biofuels offer various advantages including replacing fossil fuel use, reducing emissions, and promoting local economic development. However, various technological, social and policy challenges hinder the progress of the sector.

In this regard, World Bioenergy Association is pleased to invite everyone to an upcoming free webinar which will focus on the latest combustion technologies available in currently operational commercial facilities worldwide. The session will include presentations from industry representatives who will inform on the latest state of art in technology development for efficient agricultural residues to energy conversion.  

This webinar is the 1st in a series of webinars to focus on agricultural residues to energy sector with subsequent webinars planned to focus on research, supply chain logistics and end uses.  

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