European Commission to invest €8.9 million in 184 innovative businesses, including MHG Systems

MHG Systems has been selected for funding in the latest round of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument! Wuudis project was proposed for the Phase 1 of the instrument, which means that MHG Systems will receive €50 000 to finance feasibility studies for new products that can disrupt the market!

“In this first round in 2017, the European Commission received 2111 proposals by the cut-off date of 15 February. The 184 SMEs selected for funding proposed 178 projects in total (multiple SMEs can be involved in one project). Only 8,4% of proposals were granted.”

Read more about the topic at European commission website


Wuudis is a unique commercial service in the market for forest owners and forestry service companies that enables forestry and forest resource management in one place. Wuudis-service turns a new page in the history of Finnish forestry. With the help of this new e-commerce platform, forest owners can order forestry operation services as well as tender their wood resources for sale – even from their living rooms.