‘European Bioenergy Day’ campaign wins 2018 European Association Awards

Throughout 2017, AEBIOM led a major pan-European awareness campaign: the European Bioenergy Day. The campaign shined a light on the central role of bioenergy towards EU clean energy goals, by showing that from November 21st till the end of the year the EU could solely rely on bioenergy for its energy consumption.

This campaign’s success was rewarded by the jury of the 2018 European Association Awards, who nominated it “Best Communications Campaign by an Association with a Secretariat with more than 10 people”. It is the second year in a row that AEBIOM is awarded a similar prize: last year, it was the case for our 2017 Statistical Report, nominated “Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence”.

Of course, the narrative of the campaign is not over and will continue in 2018.