National Renewable Energy Center (Cener) – active player in the scaling up of new bio-based process to sustainability.

Cener, Spanish R&D Center, as part of its strategy of promoting renewable energy trough new bio-based economy, is becoming a key player in the development of new bio products from sustainable renewable resources (lignocellulosic and industrial residues, organic fraction of municipal solid wastes, etc.).

In 2011, Cener started running its CB2G: Second Generation Biofuel Center. This biorefinery represented an important milestone that allows the creation and leverage of knowledge on bio-based economy to research and industrial communities. The facility includes several Process Development Units as Pre-treatment, Torrefaction, Gasification and the Biochemical processes units. These units include flexibility to handle a wide range of feedstocks, ability to incorporate and test equipment from partners or third-parties into whole conversion processes and changing configurations and flexible scaling-up: from pilot to semi-industrial.

In 2013 the Biochemical Process Unit was completed. During 2014 the facility was fully dedicated to the scale-up of a private innovative process for the production of fatty acids using adapted microorganisms.

In 2015, Cener started to work as Technical Coordinator in ButaNexT, a European project granted from the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. This project is focused on the development of a highly efficient production process for the conversion of sustainable feedstocks into biobutanol. During this year, also coordinated several regional projects such as Biorefinery in Navarra (a regional initiative for the development of a preliminary biorefinery project in Navarra), BIOPEST focused on the production of biopesticides or SYN2OL which aims at producing ethanol from syngas derived from biomass fermentation.

Cener is continuously facing new challenges and recently it has been awarded with new European projects under the BBI European Joint Undertaking to continue growing new innovative biorefinery concept using alternative renewable and sustainable resources.

Today, Cener maintains its ambition to create value to stakeholder – increasing competitive advantage for circular economy -and its CB2G biorefinery represents the best tool to secure success: