PR – Research shows sustainable bioenergy production in Europe could triplicate by 2050

PR – Research shows sustainable bioenergy production in Europe could triplicate by 2050 Ahead of COP24, review of current data on biomass potential confirms bioenergy is a key solution for climate change mitigation. Brussels, 03/12/2018 – The amount of domestically available biomass used for bioenergy in Europe can triplicate within sustainable and environmental limits and at a reasonable cost, according to recently published research . As … Read More

PR – Heating and cooling sector to get its due spot on the decarbonisation radar

PR – Heating and cooling sector to get its due spot on the decarbonisation radar Brussels, 28th November 2018 – Policymakers and industry gathered at the Committee of the Regions for the High-Level Round Table on the Decarbonisation of the Heating Sector, a joint event organised by the European Commission and the Decarb Heat Initiative partners. The timing is right: … Read More

PR – Long-term decarbonisation strategy: A Clean Planet for all – A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy

Long-term decarbonisation strategy: Bioenergy recognised as a key contributor to achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 Brussels, 28th November 2018 – Today, the Commission has published its long-term strategy for emissions reduction looking at different options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% with more ambitious scenarios achieving a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and removals by … Read More

Joint Position – A Bottom-Up Approach to the Use of Forest Biomass

A Bottom-Up Approach to the Use of Forest Biomass Joint statement on the EU Non-Binding Guidance on the Cascading Use of Biomass Forests cover more than 40 percent of the EU’s land area. They are essential for life on earth, providing the bioeconomy with renewable materials, energy as well as other ecosystem services. Sustainably managed forests and the forest sector … Read More

43 days of clean energy: bioenergy hits record high in Europe

Download this PR in PDF. Brussels, 20/08/2018. Biomass can cover the energy needs of all 28 Member States from November 19th to the end of the year – 43 days, two more than last year. Bioenergy Europe celebrates this achievement with the second edition of its European Bioenergy Day Campaign. Bioenergy is essential to Europe’s energy needs. By converting the forecasts for Europe’s energy consumption … Read More

PR – Bioenergy Europe is working actively on the establishment of a first international Wood Chips certification 

Brussels 23.07.18 – Since the beginning of the year, Bioenergy Europe (former AEBIOM) is actively working on the establishment of a new quality scheme for Wood Chips and Hog Fuel at the international level, answering a long-awaited market request. Prior to its official launch, slated for the end of 2018, all business players involved in the sector are entitled to give their opinion … Read More

PR – Renewable energy must be at the centre of the renewed EU strategy for long-term emissions reduction

Brussels, 10.07.18 The EU’s long-term strategy for emissions reduction must have renewable energy at its centre, according to Europe’s renewable energy industry. The comments come as the European Commission announces its intention to renew the EU’s 2050 energy and climate strategy. After the successful negotiation of the Renewable Energy Directive, the momentum must not be lost. “Any serious decarbonisation strategy … Read More

PR- AEBIOM rebrands to “Bioenergy Europe”

Brussels, 10.07.18 – AEBIOM reveals today its new corporate identity, Bioenergy Europe, that aims at giving a clearer, more united voice to Europe’s first source of renewable energy. Bioenergy is among Europe’s most recent industrial success stories. The figures speak for themselves: biomass is now Europe’s first source of locally produced energy, representing more than 60% of the total renewable energy consumed and employing more than 500.000 people, … Read More

Joint DecarbHeat PR: Industry and policy-makers join forces to move H&C to the top of the EU’s decarbonisation agenda

On Thursday 7 June 2018, the event “Heating & Cooling in Europe – How can we decarbonise the sector by 2050 and fulfil the Paris Agreement?” took place in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels. Representatives from DG Energy, EU Commission (Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Director Renewables, Research & Innovation, Energy efficiency), the Austrian Permanent Representation (Michael Steurer, … Read More

PR – Parliament adopts constructive stance on solid bioenergy

Brussels, 17.01.18 – Today the European Parliament confirmed in plenary the approach taken by the ENVI committee, considering that ensuring sustainability of solid bioenergy for the decade to come is key and should be addressed in a realistic and proportionate way. The Parliament confirmed and improved the approach of the Commission to guarantee sustainability of bioenergy consumed in the EU … Read More