PR: EU must pave the road for transport biofuels

PR: EU must pave the road for transport biofuels Brussels, 11/07/2019 – 93% of our transport – be it via roads, rail, sea or air – is still reliant on fossil fuels, accounting for a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. You’re prompted to believe we’re living a bright, technological transition to new forms of propulsion for our vehicles, but … Read More

PR – Why our forests and fields should do more for climate change

PR: Why our Forests and Fields Should do More for Climate Change As climate change makes daily headlines, all available solutions to mitigate it must be thoroughly investigated and then deployed in an evidence-based way, fair to our environment and societies. Figures show that RES consumption has steadily increased over the last decades, with bioenergy counting today for 63% of EU … Read More

Joint RES Associations Letter on the draft National Energy and Climate Plans 

Joint Position: Renewable energy associations’ joint messages on the draft National Energy and Climate Plans  MORE AMBITION AND BETTER PLANNING TO STAY WORLD LEADERS IN RENEWABLES   Brussels, May 2019 – The Clean Energy Package sets a renewable energy target of at least 32% by 2030. For investors, this target is the minimum to keep momentum going in the fast-growing sector … Read More

PR – Heating and cooling sector to get its due spot on the decarbonisation radar

PR – Heating and cooling sector to get its due spot on the decarbonisation radar Brussels, 28th November 2018 – Policymakers and industry gathered at the Committee of the Regions for the High-Level Round Table on the Decarbonisation of the Heating Sector, a joint event organised by the European Commission and the Decarb Heat Initiative partners. The timing is right: … Read More

PR – Long-term decarbonisation strategy: A Clean Planet for all – A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy

Long-term decarbonisation strategy: Bioenergy recognised as a key contributor to achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 Brussels, 28th November 2018 – Today, the Commission has published its long-term strategy for emissions reduction looking at different options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% with more ambitious scenarios achieving a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and removals by … Read More

Joint Position – A Bottom-Up Approach to the Use of Forest Biomass

A Bottom-Up Approach to the Use of Forest Biomass Joint statement on the EU Non-Binding Guidance on the Cascading Use of Biomass Forests cover more than 40 percent of the EU’s land area. They are essential for life on earth, providing the bioeconomy with renewable materials, energy as well as other ecosystem services. Sustainably managed forests and the forest sector … Read More

European businesses at the forefront of the energy transition call for an ambitious Energy Union Governance

Our organisations are committed to . To achieve this goal, we call on European policy-makers to agree on a Governance Regulation that mirrors the ambition and the regime agreed in the Paris Agreement on climate change. In the global race for clean energy investments, . Investors and businesses must have a strong signal that a low-carbon economy supported by global … Read More

Joint Press Release: EU’s elected officials go for high ambition on renewable heating and energy efficiency

PR – Brussels, 17th of January 2018 – Today, the European Parliament finally approved the revision of key legislation for the energy sector, namely the Governance Regulation, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), to make them fit for the challenges and commitments of the next decade, up to 2030. The associations representing the renewable heating … Read More

Joint industry statement | A market design fit for renewables: key points on the Council’s general approach

Further to the meeting of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council that took place on Monday 18 December, the European renewables industry would like to highlight the key points of the Council’s general approach and negotiating position on the Electricity Directive and Electricity Regulation. In the following statement we briefly evaluate the most crucial points and questions from the point … Read More