Biomass needs to ‘shout louder’ – DONG Energy

Technologies like wind and solar could take market share from bioenergy, Danish firm warns in Brussels

Denmark-based DONG Energy has issued a warning to the biomass sector that it needs to ‘shout louder’ about its achievements or risk being sidelined by other renewable energy technologies.

Speaking at AEBIOM’s European Bioenergy Future Conference in Brussels DONG Energy’s executive vice president, Thomas Dalsgaard, said the industry needed to be prouder of its achievements.

Dalsgaard, who heads up DONG’s bioenergy and thermal power division, says other technologies, namely solar and wind, could step into fill the market if biomass did not push itself forward.

Dalsgaard also revealed DONG was well on the way to raising the proportion of biomass in its heating systems from 20% currently to 60% by 2020.

During the same session oil-giant Total’s director for development strategy research, Christophe Vuillez, revealed 20% of its business would involve renewables by 2020.

Vuillez said facilities such as its Châteauneuf-les-Martigues biorefinery, which is due to start production of biodiesel from hydrotreated vegetable oil next year, and its straw, forest waste and energy crop-fired BioTfueL plant, in Dunkirk, would support the move.

Speaking in a later session Swedish MEP, Christofer Fjellner, offered support for the biomass sector and joked that NGOs opposed to it were ‘enemies’. He said: “We need to acknowledge the fact that Europe’s forests are growing and that is important for policy-making.”

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photo: DONG’s biomass-converted Studstrup power plant (ENDS Waste & Bioenergy)