Air quality in Europe?

Air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe. Take a look at the map below, developed by the European Environment Agency, displaying live data on air quality across Europe.


  • What can we do?

    As an end-user, with few small and simple tricks, you can easily ensure that your home appliances emit the lowest amount of particles possible while drastically improving its efficiency.

    However, policies should also be put in place in order to support consumers' willingness and commitment!

    We have some recommendations.

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    Don't forget to check out our series of videos and factsheet below to learn more about simple guidelines to ensure clean residential wood heating systems.

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  • Sign the pledge to improve air quality in Europe.


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  • Signatories

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    #1 Replace old appliances with modern ones!

    Political and financial support should be given to end-consumers to foster a switch of appliances.

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    #2 Improve fuel quality!

    Requirements on fuel quality should be introduced via standards and certification schemes such as ENplus®.

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    #3 Ensure installers are trained, regular maintenance performed!

    Installers and chimney sweepers should be given a central role to ensure efficient functioning of biomass stoves.

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    #4 Raise awareness among users!

    Consumers’ knowledge on proper burning techniques should be improved.

  • Factsheet: Slashing Emissions From Residential Wood Heating
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  • Press Release: Bioenergy Europe’s SWITCH4AIR campaign battles better air quality for Europe
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