Last week following intense debates, the EU agreed for the first time on the introduction of sustainability criteria for 2020, adding additional safeguards to ensure sustainability of European bioenergy. Debates also largely revealed one complication: the difficulty of decision-makers and stakeholders to understand the key role played by a complex and fragmented sector such as bioenergy. With the entry into force of the directive, all eyes are looking ahead to twenty and thirty years from now, presenting a key challenge for the industry. In order to have a vision for the future, a foundation of hard facts and evidence is needed. To be convinced of where the industry is headed, we need statistics.

The issue is that when compared to other energy sectors, bioenergy still lacks data, which is partly explained by the nature of the industry which spans numerous technologies, feedstocks, applications and company types. Yet in spite of this, AEBIOM has been a key player in the collection and analysis of bioenergy data for over the past decade, showing the evolution of the industry at European-level in its 200+ page annual Statistical Report. Over these years we have attracted a following with our publication now regarded as a true industry reference relied upon by both companies and institutions. Just within the past year, our report gained further recognition by winning the European Association Awards’ prize for the “Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence”.

On November 14th AEBIOM will officially release the 11th edition of its Statistical Report, offering the latest statistics on wood pellet markets, bioheat, biopower, biogas, and transport fuels. This year we will publicly present the report at Energy Decentral in Hannover, organised by DLG, to the over 30.000 attendees, further maximising its visibility. AEBIOM members are encouraged to attend. A webinar will also be organised for AEBIOM members to share key highlights from the report.

In order to show bioenergy’s commitment to renewable energy and climate goals, this year we have decided to release our report for free with the aim of increasing our readership beyond its 4.000 annual readers. In doing so, we are counting on you to support this edition. We are offering companies advertising space for their business in the report, so be sure to take advantage of our international readership that will grant you the visibility your business deserves.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the content of the report or for our sponsorship offers. We count on you, so you can count on Bioenergy !

Cristina Calderón, Market Intelligence Director – AEBIOM

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