Sponsorship Opportunities 2022

  • Sponsorship

    Open to everyone, Bioenergy Europe offers a sponsorship opportunity to further enhance organisation profiles to the wider European and global bioenergy sector by getting featured in all the 7 Statistical Reports of 2022. 

    As our sponsor, you will have the highest level of visibility. In addition to having full-page adverts for all 7 statistical reports, you will also have logos placed on publications, policy briefs, content-driven tweets, as well as LinkedIn posts, amongst a variety of additional advantages.

    *Bioenergy Europe Members receive a 50% discount on this sponsorship package

     Have questions? Please contact the Bioenergy Europe team.


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  • Enhanced Visibility - exclusive to Bioenergy Europe Members

    Sign up now for the enhanced visibility opportunity of the 2022 Statistical Reports!

    The opportunity entails a free of charge promotion for Bioenergy Europe members only. 

    It includes displaying your organisation's logo as well as a featured 100-word description, placed in 1 of the 7 annual statistical reports of your choice.  The opportunity is limited and interested members are required to contact the Bioenergy Europe team.

  • Learn more about our Statistical Reports

    Since its debut in 2007, Bioenergy Europe’s Statistical Report has provided an in-depth overview of the bioenergy sector across the EU-28.

    Enriched every year with new statistics and findings, it gathers unique data on the dynamics of the European bioenergy market from a growing number of international contributors, helping the industry, decision makers, investors and all bioenergy professionals to better assess the situation of bioenergy in Europe.

    The Statistical Report provides our members with accurate, up-to-date information on the overall EU energy system, the current state of play of bio-heat and bioelectricity, the availability and dynamics of supply, and much more - including a whole chapter dedicated to statistics on pellet.

    Since 2019, a new concept has been developed as Bioenergy Europe publishes seven condensed reports, with each covering one specific sector of bioenergy.

    Find out more about the 2021 Statistical Reports here. 

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  • The world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for wood pellets. From production to delivery, ENplus® guarantees quality and combat fraud along the entire supply chain.

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  • enSURE Compliance with RED II Sustainability Requirements for the Production of Electricity, Heating and Cooling from Biomass.

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