Agricultural Biomass and Energy Crops: outgrowing the impasse


This is a key moment at EU level for bioenergy, including Agricultural Biomass and Energy Crops. The publication of the Clean Energy Package and the impending reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) beyond 2020 offer an unprecedented window of opportunity.

Agricultural Biomass and Energy Crops have been thoroughly studied, researched and developed over the past 20 years. Their environmental, economic as well as social benefits are well known, proven and understood. However, they have so far struggled to make a significant contribution to bioenergy.
The market reacted slowly and a major uptake has not taken place – yet. Considering failures on both the demand and supply side – addressing this issue has become a conundrum. While no single answer can be provided, a multi-level effort, with actions needed on a local, national and European scale must take place.

The European Biomass Association is not a newcomer to the debate and has been following this file closely over the last year. As far as the EU level is concerned, it has identified possible ways to tackle the market challenge and we would be highly interested in sharing these with experts.

To this purpose we are inviting all economic operators and investors who have been or are directly involved, regardless of their position in the value chain, with Agricultural Biomass and Energy Crops, to participate at an experts-meeting on January 25th 2017. The aim is to drive a market uptake and this is a call to action to commonly identify the multi-tiered actions that are required to break the current impasse.

Find more information about the event: HERE