Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Partner



The purpose of the FROnT project was to promote a level playing field for Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) in Europe and develop strategies for its greater deployment. The project aimed at providing a better understanding about how to deploy RHC in the market,  improving transparency about costs of heating and cooling options (using RHC or fossil fuels), RHC support schemes and key end-user decision factors. This knowledge will help towards developing Strategic Policy Priorities for RHC to be used by public authorities in designing and implementing better support mechanisms. It will also support the industry in engaging more effectively their prospective clients. The project is run by eleven organisations from across the continent and is funded by the European Commission’s IEE programme.


  • To promote the implementation at national and European level of strategic policy priorities that can contribute to efficiently and cost-effectively implement the NREAPs;
  • To facilitate the setting-up of improved and sustainable RHC integrated support schemes;
  • To support better insight of the value of the energy supplied by RHC systems, promoting transparency and clarity towards end-users and other stakeholders;
  • To improve the understanding of the end-users’ decision making processes with regard to heating and cooling systems in order to develop tailored approaches and facilitate adequate measures enhancing the uptake of RHC.

Target groups: Public authorities and the industry.

Project website:

Project Leader interview: HERE

Project duration: 2014 – 2016