22/02/16: Taking the opportunity of the Progetto Fuoco fair in Verona, the European Pellet Council held its Board of Directors’ elections. As a result Eric Vial, Director of Propellet France, was appointed as EPC’s new President. Right after his election, Mr. Vial claimed that “it is undeniable that pellets have a major role to play in any future energy mix scenario. The European Pellet Council will reinforce its commitment to advocate for this at European level, as I truly believe that pellets can provide environmental and societal benefits. On the other hand, we will continue to work on the improvement of the quality standards of the pellet heating industry”.


Next to him, Didzis Palejs, Chairman of Latbio’s Board and Vice-President of AEBIOM, has completed the executive team as Vice President. According to him, “the pellet industry is currently facing several challenges. EPC has a key role to support the development of a sustainable pellet market in Europe: that is why we need to strengthen external and internal cooperation within EPC. That will be my main priority for the next 3 years.” This election was also an opportunity for EPC to strengthen its Board with three special Directors: Christian Rakos from ProPellets Austria, Annalisa Paniz from AIEL and Gordon Murray from WPAC.

More information on the composition of the Board will soon be available on EPC’s website: www.pelletcouncil.eu.

Download the PDF version below: